What happens in mental health treatment court?

Participants will attend court every other Thursday at 8:30 am in County Criminal Court Number 5. Each participant will develop and follow and individualized treatment plan. Treatment, counseling and other assistance services are provided by outside agencies. Participants are referred to these agencies throughout the program as needed. Successful participants advance through phases reflecting their treatment progress, stability and growth. 

A supervision officer will monitor each participant in the program, working closely with the participant to monitor and assist in their progress. Milestones and positive achievements are rewarded, setbacks and non-compliance result in sanctions or removal from program. Participants who successfully completed each phase and graduate from the program will have their case dismissed and will be eligible for an agreed expunction.

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1. What is a mental health treatment court?
2. How do I apply to the program?
3. What are some of the criteria for admittance into the Denton County Mental Health Treatment Court?
4. What happens in mental health treatment court?