Bruce Elsey

Portrait of Captain Bruce Elsey

Bruce Elsey is currently the Captain of Unit 1 in the Detention Division.  Captain Elsey began his career in June of 1995 when he became a detention officer at the age of 19. He was raised in Sanger, TX, where he graduated from high school in 1994. Throughout his 26 years of experience, he has been promoted through every rank while being assigned to both Linear and Direct Supervision styles of Inmate Management.

Captain Elsey has served as a Special Operations Response Team member and Team Leader (1995 to 2015),  provided defensive tactics training for the Sheriff's Office (2001 to 2015), and was also a valued member of the Crisis Negotiations Team (2005 to 2011).

Captain Elsey earned his Jailer License in 1995 and his Peace Officer License in 2007.


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