Probate Court No. 1


3900 Morse Street
Suite 100
Denton, TX 76208



Contact the Probate Court Staff
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Court Administrator Phone: 940-349-2140


Monday through Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Sierra, Jessica Trial Court Administrator   940-349-2140  
Brown, Byron Attorney Administrator      
Van Der Stuyf, Alexandria Court Visitor Coordinator   940-349-2308  
Christian, Carol Probate Auditor - Senior Paralegal   940-349-2307  
Fletcher, Aaron Bailiff   940-349-2143  
Gohlke, Stephanie Probate Auditor - Senior Paralegal   940-349-2153  
Gomez-Lopez, Monica Probate Court No. 1 Investigator   940-349-2149  
Hernandez, Isabel Mental Health Court Administrator   940-349-2146  
Kelly, Tara Court Reporter for Judge Nolter   940-349-2152  
Novak, Karen Guardianship Administrative Assistant   940-349-2144  
Pauly, Winnie Court Reporter for Judge Robison   940-349-2142  
Robison, Honorable Bonnie Probate Court No. 1 Judge      
Van Der Stuyf, Alyssa Probate Court No. 1 Investigator   940-349-2151  
Williams, Amanda “Mandy” Attorney Court Investigator   940-349-2148  

Mental Health 

1450 E McKinney Street
Suite 2104
Denton, TX 76209-4524

Link: Involuntary Mental Health Commitments Page