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Office of History & Culture - Denton County Yellow Hearts Memorial Form

  1. Denton County Yellow Heart Memorial Form

    The Denton County Yellow Heart Memorial was created in May 2022 as a visual memorial to remember the lives lost to COVID-19. The Memorial featuring individual yellow hearts with the names of loved ones lost to COVID-19 has been included in the Denton County COVID-19 Archives at the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum (110 W. Hickory Street, Denton, TX 76201).

    We want to thank the public for sharing the names and memories of their loved ones with Denton County as part of the Memorial. Denton County residents may continue to submit the names of loved ones to be included in the memorial archive by using the form below.

    Yellow Heart Memorial is a non-profit organization created and curated by COVID Survivor Advocate, Rosie Davis of Carrollton, Texas as a tribute to her mother and those who died due to COVID-19. Since its first memorial in January 2021, the organization has expanded with chapters across the country.

    Hearts submitted to the Denton County Yellow Heart Memorial may be used for future exhibitions and will be included as part of the Denton County COVID-19 Archives.

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    By checking this box, you agree to allow Denton County to use the submitted yellow heart for future exhibitions and give permission for Denton County to keep the heart as part of the Denton County COVID-19 Archives. 

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