What is eService?

You must sign up to receive eService on each case individually. E-filing into a case or being the attorney of record does not mean you have signed up for eService.

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1. Do I have to e-file?
2. Do I have to use an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP)?
3. What is eService?
4. What if I am filing a case with an Affidavit of Indigency? Or I have been court appointed to represent a litigant? How are the fees handled?
5. May I include more than one document for filing per submission?
6. My document has two cause numbers listed. Do I need to submit the document twice?
7. My motion needs the hearing date and time entered. How is that completed?
8. How do I submit proposed orders? The District Clerk has made “Proposed Order” as a filing code.
9. There is not a "filing code" which fits my document title exactly. What do I choose?
10. What if I am not sure if my document requires a filing fee?