How may I obtain a copy of a divorce decree or other documents from a case file?

You may download the Records Request Form (PDF) or the form is available in the District Clerks office. The form must be completed in its entirety. Include the cause number, names of the parties involved, date(s) of the document(s), and name(s) of the document(s). If you do not know this information you can do a public record search at the site of Denton County Records Inquiry. All documents which have been filed are listed on the case and updated as soon as the document is entered on the case management system.

Due to COVID-19 our office has initiated specific COVID-19 protocols in effort to protect our staff and reduce potential exposure. This office will not be fulfilling record/copy requests received at our front-counter immediately or while a requester waits. These measures have been put in place to minimize foot-traffic and prolonged time in our front lobby and as a safeguard for both the health and welfare of our staff and the public we serve.

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1. How may I obtain a copy of a divorce decree or other documents from a case file?
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