Where can I be vaccinated if I am eligible under the current Phases 1A or 1B?

Vaccine stock is currently very limited throughout Texas, including Denton County. Primary care providers, pharmacies, hospitals, and DCPH have each received very limited supply, which has been rapidly depleted.  You are encouraged to check with your personal primary care provider to determine their vaccine plans. 

Recently designated by the state as a vaccine hub, our DCPH registration portal    The Vaccine Interest Portal is still accepting registrations, though it has a queue of about 130,000 registrants. This site also has the latest information on vaccine availability and clinic dates.

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1. What phases can currently receive the COVID-19 vaccine?
2. Where can I be vaccinated if I am eligible under the current Phases 1A or 1B?
3. Where can I find a list of vaccine providers?
4. What are important things I should know after being vaccinated?
5. Can I get a vaccine anywhere, in any county or state?
6. Are there differences between the vaccines? If so, what are they?
7. Are these vaccines effective against the new “variant virus” now spreading throughout the country?
8. Are there any side effects to the vaccine? How long do they last?
9. How long does it take for the vaccine to be in full effect?
10. Do you have any protection from the first dose?
11. Once I have received the vaccine, do I still need to wear a mask, wash hands and continue social distancing?
12. After receiving the first dose of vaccine, can I go to a different provider for the second dose?
13. How will I know when to take the second dose of the vaccine?
14. What if a second dose is not available within the suggested time frame? Will it affect the efficacy of the vaccine?
15. Will the vaccine cost anything?
16. What allergies should I be concerned about in connection with the COVID-19 vaccine?
17. Should I still get the vaccine if I already had COVID?