Do I need to file all of these documents?
Yes. These documents are necessary to ensure all applicants meet the required eligibility to receive grants. These same documents are required by many state and federal grant programs.

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1. My business received PPP funding. Am I still eligible for a Denton County OPEN grant?
2. What documentation do I need for proof of the existence of my business?
3. Can supply or inventory costs be included in the calculation of fixed costs?
4. What businesses are considered “sole proprietorships” for the purpose of using net income to calculate payroll costs?
5. My business has locations in Denton County and other counties. Do I qualify for the Denton County OPEN grant program?
6. How do I prove how long I have been in business?
7. Will I be notified whether or not my application is approved for a grant?
8. Do I need to file all of these documents?
9. How soon will these grants be awarded?
10. Who can I call to answer some of the questions I have about this application?