How are criminal cases filed?

Most frequently, cases are filed by law enforcement agencies, such as the Sheriff, the police department, the Department of Public Safety, Parks and Wildlife, and others.

Citizens’ Complaints

Sometimes citizens desire to file a criminal complaint directly with the Justice Court. You will be required to complete a sworn affidavit and supply the names and addresses of the defendant and any witnesses. The District Attorney will have to prosecute the complaint on your behalf. You may be asked to meet with an Assistant District Attorney to determine if there has been any law broken and if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the case.

Attorney Representation

Again, it is not required that you be represented by legal counsel. However the State of Texas will be represented by the office of the Denton County District Attorney. You are certainly free to hire a lawyer to represent you in Court. However, if you cannot afford an attorney, no lawyer will be appointed for you because the offenses within the Justice Court’s jurisdiction are punishable by fine only (and not by imprisonment).

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