I am not available to serve on my report date. Can I change jury duty date?

Yes! Denton County allows every juror one postponement for any reason in order for everyone to have the opportunity to pick a date better suited for their schedule. Once logged in to E-Response you must go through the Disqualification/Exemption page, then complete your juror questionnaire and then once you are back on the DASHBOARD, you will be able to use the Request Schedule Change tab to select from several dates available and reschedule yourself. Or you may call Jury Services and one of the jury staff will assist you with your request. If you sign up for e-notifications, an email and text will be sent letting you know your request is accepted.

Before choosing to reschedule your service please understand that you are limited to just one change so please be sure that you choose your new appearance date carefully.

Postponement requests can also be made by calling Jury Services at 940-349-2230.

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