Where is courthouse parking?

Free parking is available all around the building.

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1. What is a grand jury?
2. How is a grand jury selected?
3. Am I qualified to serve as a grand juror in Denton County?
4. May I claim a legal exemption (be excused) from grand jury duty?
5. Can I change my report date?
6. Are grand jurors paid for their service?
7. Must my employer pay me while I’m serving as a grand juror?
8. What if I am self-employed?
9. How long does jury service last?
10. I have received a summons for a person who is now deceased. What do I do to take care of this?
11. I have received a summons for a person who does not live at this address. What do I do with the summons?
12. What if I don’t have transportation?
13. What is courthouse security?
14. Where is courthouse parking?