What is a grand jury?

The function of the Grand Jury is to evaluate evidence to determine whether or not a person should be formally accused of a specific crime. If an indictment is returned by a Grand Jury accusing a person with a crime, the case will be sent to a trial court. Attorneys assigned to the grand jury review investigations from police agencies, prepare and present the cases to the grand jury.

Assistant Criminal District Attorneys

Assistant criminal district attorneys assigned to grand jury present cases to a grand jury every week. They indicate the kind of offense to be considered, summarize the evidence, call witnesses, and answer questions by grand jurors. After hearing the evidence from the attorney and witnesses, the grand jurors deliberate as a group and vote in secret.

Deliberations & Voting

Only members of the grand jury are permitted to be present during the deliberations and voting. The grand jury decides whether sufficient facts are presented to a criminal charge or charges against the person accused. Guilt or innocence is not determined by a grand jury. If at least nine grand jurors vote that a person should be formally charged with a crime, a true bill of indictment is signed by the presiding juror of the grand jury and turned over to the district court. If the evidence is determined to be insufficient, the grand jury may vote a "no bill".

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