1 Courthouse Drive
Suite 2300
Denton, TX 76208



Contact the Purchasing Department
Link: Purchasing Page

Additional Phone: 972-434-8853


Monday through Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Arledge, CPPO, CPPB, Scott Director of Purchasing   940-349-3130  
Brumley, Donna Fixed Asset Manager Contact Donna Brumley  940-349-3382  
Bryant, Tiffany Buyer Contact Tiffany Bryant  940-349-3568  
Calderon, Jennifer Procurement Project Manager Contact Jennifer Calderon  940-349-3144  
Callaway, Autum Buyer Contact Autum Callaway  940-349-3132  
Countryman, Christy Senior Buyer Contact Christy Countryman  940-349-3145  
Epps, CPPO, Tracey Assistant Director of Purchasing Contact Tracey Epps  940-349-3139  
Gonzales, Lisa P-Card Administrator Contact Lisa Gonzales  940-349-3141  
Herrera, Lizeth Buyer Contact Lizeth Herrera  940-349-3143  
Medcafe, Laura Sourcing Manager Contact Laura Medcafe  940-349-3142  
Rose, Brooke Procurement Project Manager Contact Brooke Rose  940-349-3138  
Scheffler, Cortney Senior Buyer Contact Cortney Scheffler  940-349-3146  
Stallo, Kimberly Contract Administrator Contact Kimberly Stallo  940-349-3137  
Stastny, T.K. Procurement Project Manager Contact T.K. Stastny  940-349-3133