Property Tax Refunds



A refund application is mailed to the remitter of property tax overpayment within 30 days from the date payment is applied. An application may be completed and returned via mail or contact form.

Duplicate Payments

No action is required. After 30 days from the date the payment is applied to the account, the remitter of the duplicate payment will be mailed a refund check.

Erroneous Payments

Please contact the refund department explaining the situation along with any related documentation for review.


Section 26.15(f) of the Texas Property Tax Code says “If a correction that decreases the tax liability of a property owner is made after the owner has paid the tax, the taxing unit shall refund to the property owner who paid the tax the difference between the tax paid and the tax legally due, except as provided by Section 25.25(n). A property owner is not required to apply for a refund under this subsection to receive the refund.”

Section 31.12(a) of the Texas Property Tax Code says “If a refund of a tax provided by Section 11.431(b), 26.07(g), 26.075(k), 26.15(f),31.11, 31.111, or 31.112 is paid on or before the 60th day after the date the liability for the refund arises, no interest is due on the amount refunded.”


(e) Except as provided by Subsection (f) or (g), a taxing unit shall send a refund made under this section to the property owner. 

(f) The final judgment in an appeal under this chapter may designate to whom and where a refund is to be sent. 

(g) If a form prescribed by the comptroller under Subsection (i) is filed with a taxing unit before the 21st day after the final determination of an appeal that requires a refund be made, the taxing unit shall send the refund to the person and address designated on the form. 

(h) A separate form must be filed with a taxing unit under Subsection (g) for each appeal to which the property owner is a party. A form may be revoked in a written revocation filed with the taxing unit by the property owner.