Delinquent Tax Sales

Delinquent tax sales are the last alternative to enforce collections. While selling someone’s property is not desirable, it is necessary if collections are to be fairly and effectively enforced.

Sheriff’s Sales & Resolution Properties

Denton County properties listed for sale are called Sheriff’s Sales and Resolution properties. Sheriff’s Sales are conducted on the first Tuesday of each month at the Denton County Courts Building at 1450 E McKinney Street in Denton, Texas at 10 am. For a list of properties going to tax sale, go to Sheriff’s Sales.

Purchasing Property

A person purchasing property at the sale will be required to present to the officer who conducts the sale a written statement from the County Tax Assessor/Collector that the purchaser does not owe any delinquent taxes to the county or to a school district or municipality having territory in that county. Please call or visit our main office in Denton at least 5 business days prior to the sale to request this statement.

Download the Request for Written Statement form (PDF).

Submitting the Form

Please print the form and complete all blanks. The form must be notarized before you send it to our office. There is a $10 service fee for the preparation of this statement. Make sure you enclose the $10 payment (no personal checks).


Mail your form to:
Michelle French, Tax Assessor/Collector
Attn: Tax Certificates
P.O. Box 90223
Denton, TX 76202


You can hand-deliver your request form and payment to our main office in Denton at 1505 E McKinney Street.