Tax Certificates

A tax certificate is a document showing the current status of taxes, penalties, interest, and any known costs due on a property. To produce a tax certificate the following information is needed:

  1. Current tax year property account number
  2. Legal Description
  3. Property Owner

Request for Tax Certificate

If you are needing to request a tax certificate on a property as a result of a Condemnation or Eminent Domain case, please be sure to note the Case Number on your Request for Tax Certificate form (PDF).

Condemnation/Eminent Domain Tax Certificate requests must also include a signed Request for Condemnation/Eminent Domain Accounts form (PDF) from the appraisal district noting which accounts are included in the case.

All taxes must be paid on each account at least 10 business days prior to the request. Issuing the tax certificate may also be delayed if prior years or a suit are showing on the account. Please call our office if you have any questions about whether or not the certificate can be processed.

The fee to obtain a certificate is $10 per certificate. This payment must be made by cash, certified funds, or a business check. No personal checks are accepted. Credit cards will be accepted at the main office in Denton with a $1 convenience fee added.

Submitting the Form

Please print the form and complete all blanks. Make sure you enclose the $10 payment with your request form.


Mail your form to:
Michelle French, Tax Assessor/Collector
Attn: Tax Certificates
P.O. Box 90223
Denton, TX 76202


You can hand-deliver your request form and payment to our main office in Denton at 1505 E McKinney Street.