Victims Rights

As a victim of crime, as the guardian of a victim, or as the close relative of a victim, you have certain rights in the Texas criminal justice system. Among these are:

  1. The right to Protection from harm, and threats of harm, arising from cooperation with peace officers or prosecutors.
  2. The right to have your safety, and that of your family, taken into consideration when bail is set.
  3. The right to be Informed about court proceedings, including whether they have been canceled or rescheduled.
  4. The right to Information about procedures in criminal investigations.
  5. The right to Information about procedures in the criminal justice system, including plea bargaining.
  6. The right to Tell a probation department conducting a pre-sentencing investigation about the impact of the offense on you and your family.
  7. The right to be Informed about the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, the payment of certain medical expenses for victims of sexual assault, and of the availability of social service agencies that may provide assistance.
  8. The right to be Notified about parole proceedings.
  9. The right to Include information in the defendant’s file to be considered by the Board of Pardons and Paroles.
  10. The right to be Present at all public court proceedings related to the offense, if the presiding judge approves.
  11. The right of the victim or witness to be Provided with a separate and secure waiting area while waiting to testify.
  12. The right to prompt Return of any property of the victim when the need for the property has passed.
  13. The right to have the prosecutor Notify the employer of the need for the victim’s cooperation during the investigation and trial.

Note: Article 56 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures states; A judge, attorney for the state, peace officer, or law enforcement agency is not liable for failure or inability to provide a right enumerated in this article.

Family Violence

Notice to Adult Victims of Family Violence

It is a crime for any person to intentionally cause you physical injury or harm, even if that person is a member of or formal member of your household. It is important that you tell the officer if you, your child, or any other household resident has been injured; or if you feel you are going to be in danger after the officer leaves.

You Have the Right to

  1. Ask to file charges against the person committing family violence at your local police department.
  2. Apply to a court for a Protective Order. You should apply for a Protective Order by going to any of the following agencies:
    1. County Attorney’s Office
    2. Legal Aid Society
    3. A private attorney

Violencia Familiar

Aviso Para Victimas Adultas De Violencia Familiar

Es un crimen que una persona intencionalmente le hiere o le cause daño fisico a Ud. Aunque esa persona sea miembro corriente o anterior de su casa o familia. Es importante que informe a las autoridades o al agente de policia si Ud., su hijo, o un otro miembro de su hogar ha sido herido, o si cree Usted Que va a correr un riesgo después de que el oficial se vaya.

Usted Tiene El Derecho De

  1. Denunciar a las persona que cometio la violencia familiar al Departamento de Polica.
  2. Solicitar una orden protectiva a una corte. Usted puede hacer aplicacion para una orden protectiva en cualquiera de las siguientes agencias:
    1. La oficina del Procurador del condado
    2. La Sociedad de Asistencia Legal de Texas Central
    3. Un abogado privado


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