Sheriff's Sale Results

Month of September 2023

  1. Order of Sale 22-281-393

    Paloma Creek Homeowners Associations vs Stephen S. Butler
    Lot 45, in block P, of Paloma Creek South, Phase 2, an Addition to Denton County, Texas, according to the map or plat thereof recorded in Cabinet, slide 148-156, Plat Records, Denton County, Texas
    Address: 628 Hummingbird Drive, Little Elm, Texas.
    Winning Bid $ 150,000.00

  2. Order of Sale 22-1426-431
    Denton ISD, City of Denton and The County of Denton, Texas vs Joseph L. Feagins Sr., Deceased; Loveta Jackson, deceased and Unknown Owners; Bobby Turner (In Rem Only)  
    605 Lakey Street, Denton, Texas
    Account # 619252DEN
    Winning Bid $21,000.00

  3.  Order of Sale 21-8216-467
    Argyle Independent School District, County of Denton Texas, and Denton County Emergency Services District #1 vs Frankie G. Parr; Bernice B. Parr; and Unknown Owners
    Stone Crest Lot#73 Denton, County
    Account # 65435DEN
    Opening Bid: $6,920.94 
    Winning Bid $41,000.00

  4. Order of Sale 22-2914-467
    Providence Homeowners Associations vs Shelley Stowers  
    Lot Thirteen (13) in Block D of Island Villages at Providence, an Addition to the County of Denton County, according to the plat there of recorded in Cabinet W, Page 394 of the plat records of Denton County, Texas
    Address: 1612 Degnen Lane, Providence Village, Tx
    Winning Bid $90,000.00

  5. Order of Sale 21-11166-431
    Lake Dallas ISD, City of Lake Dallas, and The County of Denton, Texas vs Don Otto White and unknown owners  
    Lake Dallas Sites Addn. Blk 8 Lot 6-11
    Address: 206 Wilson Street, Lake Dallas, Texas
    Winning Bid 73,000.00