Sheriff's Sale

The Sheriff’s Sale is conducted on the first Tuesday of each month at the Denton County Courts Building, 1450 E McKinney Street, in the City of Denton, Texas, at 10 am Denton County will sell said below described Real Estate at public venue to the highest bidder. All property going to the sheriff sale is published in the classified section of the Record Chronicle.

Sheriff Sale for the Month of JUNE 2021                                

Order of Sale: 19-4495-431
Savannah Community Association-v-Laine

Lot 76, Block 14 of amending plat of Savannah, Phase 2, an addition to Denton County, Texas, according to the Map thereof recorded in Cabinet V, page 539, of the Plat Records of Denton County, Texas

Account No: 260494DEN

Opening Bid: $10607.64

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