Driving Safety Course


Per Texas Transportation Code, Subchapter B 543.101 through 543.116, if you were charged with the following offenses you do not qualify for dismissal of your offense by means of a Driving Safety Course:

  • Section 545.066 passing a school bus
  • Section 545.421 fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer
  • Section 550.022 accident involving damage to vehicle
  • Section 550.023 duty to give information and render aid
  • Section 522.003 serious traffic violation which concerns a commercial motor vehicle

Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Commercial driver’s license holders are not eligible.

Instructions to Request Driving Safety Course

When making your request you will need to:

  1. Enter a plea of either no contest or guilty along with a written request to take a Driving Safety Course.
  2. You must provide a copy of your Driver’s License. You must have a valid Texas Driver’s license.
  3. You must provide proof of financial responsibility. Your name must appear on the insurance card or policy and must be in effect at the time you make your request.
  4. Include the court costs by money order or cashier’s check.


To qualify for a Driving Safety Course you must do one of the following:

  • Mail a written request to take the Driving Safety Course by certified mail, return receipt requested, post marked on or before the plea due date on the notice to appear
  • Present to the Court in person an oral or written request to take the Driving Safety Course

You will need to contact the court to find out the amount of court costs that will be due at the time of your request. The payment may be made by Cashier’s Check or Money Order. We accept cash if paying in person.


Upon the Court’s receipt of the request and the payment of the court costs, you will receive the affidavit and instructions. No personal checks accepted.

The Court shall defer the proceedings and allow a person 90 days to complete a Driving Safety Course. The person will be required to present a uniform certificate of course completion as written evidence that after the alleged violation the person successfully completed a Driving Safety Course approved by the Texas Education Agency and to present a certified copy of their driving record from the Texas Department of Public Safety by the given 90 day due date.