Denton County Citation Service Fee$75.00
Filing Fee - Debt Claim or Small Claim$54.00
Filing Fee - Bill of Review, Counterclaim, Cross-Action, or Third-Party Action$54.00
Filing Fee - Reentry, Repair & Remedy, Retrieval, or Utilities Restoration$54.00
Writ Issuance Fee - All Types$5.00
Writ Service Fee - All Types (see TX Comptroller website)
Sheriffs' and Constables' Fees
Filing Fee - Eviction$54.00
Jury Fee$22.00
Motion for New Trial$54.00
Illegal Tow or Boot Hearing$54.00

Please make checks payable to Denton County. For service of citation outside of Denton County, provide a separate check or money order as well as the name and address of the serving agency. Sheriff’s and Constable’s service fees information is available on the Texas Comptroller website at https://comptroller.texas.gov/transparency/local/sheriffs/.

If you have been authorized by the court to make an online payment for a civil suit, you may do so through Certified Payments (2.75% transaction fee applies). Please be sure you are on the Denton County, TX JP4 bureau, and enter your case number in the “ticket or docket number” field.

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Please contact the Justice of Peace - Precinct 4 for additional fee information.