Personal Preparedness

In recent years several major emergency events have increased the importance of personal preparedness. Emergencies, whether man-made or natural, often occur without warning. While officials are responding to the larger event they may not be able to respond to individual needs. You may be required to shelter in your current place or even leave familiar surroundings. The key to managing yourself in an emergency is to have a plan and prepare for emergencies before they happen.

Ready or Not? Have A Plan

When disaster hits, Texans need to be ready. Use our online resources to build your plan - including family strategies, handy checklists, and special needs considerations for people with disabilities, the elderly, and pets.

The public health departments in Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant Counties have come together to make a plan to keep Metroplex residents safe during a public health emergency.

Ways to Help

There are ways you can help. Stay Put. Stay Calm. Stay Tuned to your local news and this website for information about what to do to keep yourself and your family safe during a public health emergency.

Medication Distribution

One of our most critical jobs during a public health emergency may be to get medication distributed quickly to a large number of people. This website will provide you with information on when and where medications would be available throughout the metro area. You may also elect to sign up for alert messages that would be sent directly to your cell phone in a public health emergency.