Good Housekeeping

Under the Pollution Prevention / Good Housekeeping requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) permit, the County is responsible for creating and maintaining records about the storm water program. It also is responsible for conducting evaluations of County activities that pose a risk to storm water pollution. This requirement essentially means that the County is not exempt and will be held to the same standards as everyone else.

Employee Training

Training programs will be created and presented to employees whose work has the potential for contributing to storm water pollution. County activities will also be evaluated to identify areas where the risk of storm water pollution can be reduced.

Structural Control Maintenance

The County will also be developing a maintenance schedule for any structural controls, like detention ponds, the County is responsible for. Waste collected from these maintenance activities, as well as any other County activities, will also be disposed of in an appropriate manner.


While this requirement is a little dry and boring, it is a very important one. Another requirement of the TCEQ permit is to submit an annual report. The report must contain the activities performed over the previous 12 months, and an evaluation of their effectiveness, as well as look at what the County will be doing in the next 12 months.

An effective good housekeeping program will streamline the reporting process and reduce the amount of time spent on compiling the report. Maintaining records in an efficient way will also make it easier to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.