Large & Small Construction

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Construction sites of larger than 5 acres have been required to apply for a permit for several years now. While there will be some individuals who are not aware of the storm water regulations regarding large development sites, they are expected to be relatively few.

The County expects developers and individuals in this category to follow their permit requirements and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)s. One of the construction permit requirements is for the owner or operator of the site to submit a copy of the Notice of Intent (NOI) to any MS4 with boundaries to the site.


It is important to note that these regulations do not exempt someone from filing a development permit with the County. The County is committed to working with individuals in the construction industry. And, with anyone who fits into this category, to assist in understanding and complying with the regulations. Any questions should be directed to Stephen Belknap.

Online Resources

There are many resources available on the internet with information and examples of documents.