Manufactured Home Rental Communities

General Guidelines for Manufactured Home Rental Communities

Minimum Standards for Manufactured Home Rental Communities

Per SB 712, minimum standards may only include the following:

  1. Drainage Standards in accordance with standard engineering practices. Provisions of Chapter 44, CFR are applicable.
  2. Water Supply standards in accordance with Subchapter C, Chapter 341, Health and Safety Code.
  3. Sanitary Sewer standards in accordance with Chapter 366, Health and Safety Code.
  4. Survey Standards to include boundaries, significant features, home spaces, utility easements, dedication of Right-of-Way.
  5. Specifications for Streets or Roads which are reasonably necessary to provide ingress and egress access for fire and emergency vehicles.
  6. Infrastructure Standards may not be more stringent than those adopted for subdivisions.

Submittal & Approval Process

Submittal and approval process for Mobile Home Community Survey and Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP).

  1. Developer submits a survey and IDP to Denton County Development Services Department.
  2. Engineering reviews IDP for compliance with engineering requirements.
  3. Development Services reviews survey for compliance with surveying plat requirements and other pertinent County ordinances.
  4. Within 60 days of submittal, Commissioners Court approves or disapproves survey and IDP upon recommendation by reviewing departments.
  5. Upon approval of survey and IDP, Engineering will schedule and conduct a pre-construction conference with owner, contractor and owner’s engineer.
  6. Engineering inspects work during construction.
  7. Engineering conducts the final inspection.
  8. Within 5 business days of final inspection approval, Commissioners Court issues a Certificate of Compliance.
  9. Owner may begin lot/space rental only after issuance of Certificate of Compliance.
  10. Utility providers may connect to lots/spaces only after issuance of Certificate of Compliance.