Essential Program Characteristics

  • The program will have an integrated treatment and service approach in processing cases by utilizing a psychiatric evaluation, a psychological or behavioral health assessment, and a substance abuse screening.
  • The program will use a non-adversarial approach with participants by including prosecutors and defense attorneys, which will ensure due process rights and protection for the public.
  • Program staff will strive for early identification of program participants who are eligible.
  • Within 48 hours after placement in the program, participants will have a developed treatment plan for appropriate mental health treatment, with services beginning the same week of acceptance.
  • Participants will attend Juvenile Mental Health Court biweekly or monthly depending upon the phase in the program.
  • The program, through intensive mental health treatment and services will provide opportunities for participants who are at risk for out of home placements to remain in the community and avoid further re-offending and avoid further court sanctions.
  • Output measures and monitoring will be done for each phase of the program to ensure program effectiveness. Recidivism rates will be measured for one, two, and three years after the program.
  • Program staff will continue to participate in interdisciplinary training and continuing education to promote effective program planning and services.
  • The Program staff will work closely with MHMR, Denton County Independent School Districts, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and other community programs to provide appropriate services and referrals to participants and their families.