Complaint Procedures

The following guidelines will govern the use of a formal Notice of Violation:

  1. Receipt of a written complaint specifying the property and a potential violation.
  2. A Denton County Public Health - Environmental Health Division representative will make an on-site inspection within 30 days.
  3. The inspector will determine whether an OSSF violation exists.
  4. A verbal summary of the findings and recommendations regarding the law will be provided if a resident is present.
  5. The inspector will determine the actual property owner.
  6. The Notice of Violation will be sent to the property owner via certified mail.
  7. A follow-up inspection will be conducted in accordance with the date on the Notice.
  8. If compliance with State and County statutes has not been achieved, a referral to the appropriate Justice of the Peace Court will be made in accordance with the Notice of Violation.