Occupational License Requirements

Chapter 521 of the Texas Transportation Code

Effective May 1, 2002, insurance will now be required to be on file before a hearing will be set for Administrative License Revocation (ALR) and Occupational Drivers License (ODL) hearings

With the new law in effect as of September 1, 2001, familiarize yourself with the following qualifications and disqualifications for ODL:

  • Petition should reflect new court case style
  • Petition must be verified [521.242(a)]
  • Petition cannot be generated for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle [521.242(f)]
  • Previous suspensions affect eligibility for ODL:
    • Petitioner should be knowledgeable as to counties and/or the specific routes of travel he or she needs to travel
    • Petitioner’s ODL may be used as a license for only 31 days during which time the requirements of Section 521.249 must be met
  • New form Orders will be available May 1, 2002. There are no more Court Master findings contained in the Order. Provide only for a Judge’s signature

Petition should reflect the name of the state that issued the drivers license, the driver’s license number and date of birth. This data is necessary prior to a hearing being set.