Basic Safety Tips

  1. Groups
  2. Parking
  3. Safety
  4. Dress Code
  5. Phone Numbers
  • One person should be designated crew leader to ensure safety rules are followed by everyone. This person must also complete 1 safety meeting per year with Denton County.
  • Be alert and use common sense at all times! Some road traffic travels at high speeds, and most drivers don’t expect to see crews working along the roadsides. There should not be any horseplay, practical jokes, or endangering of your own or another’s personal safety.
  • Crew members should be in good health with good sight and hearing. Avoid the use of walkmans, iPods and/or cd players that could interfere with the ability to hear oncoming traffic, safety warnings or other potential hazards.
  • Crew members under 15 years of age must have adult supervision at a ratio of one adult for every three children.
  • Keep crews together for better visibility to motorists. Post a person to look out for traffic dangers. It’s best to work in groups of 3 to 4 people.
  • Group sizes should not exceed 25 participants because this could distract the driving public.
  • Carpool to the site to reduce the number of vehicles on the roadside.