Before Your Child Comes Home

Keep Calm and Be PreparedBefore your child returns home, we recommend that you:

  • Check for hidden drugs and paraphernalia: Clean out closets, jacket and clothes pockets, shoes/socks, dresser drawers, bathrooms, books/magazines, inside of writing pens and speakers.
  • Throw away old prescription medication bottles and secure over-the-counter medication and current prescription medication.
  • Secure current prescription medication so that your child does not have access to it.
  • Secure alcohol/beer/wine so that your child does not have access to it.
  • Work with your child and his/her counselor to develop an agreed-upon list of friends and stick with it.
    • Know parent’s names, phone numbers, and addresses.
    • Determine whether or not your child will have access to electronic devices (cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).
      • Have access to all passwords and examine frequently once your child returns home.