Policy VI

Tree Preservation & Tree Trimming

6.1 Intent

The intent of the Denton County Tree Trimming/Removal Policy is to preserve the natural resources of the trees and shrubs within the ROW, but recognizing the legal duty of the County to maintain its roads so as to provide for the safe use for all travelers.

6.2 Tree Removal

A. Trees that prevent the construction of drainage ditches, prevent sight distance per most recent TxDOT specifications, or that present a safety hazard for the travelers and users of Denton County roads shall be removed from ROW/easements.

B. In cases where additional ROW/easement is required (per approved Road Policy), trees may be removed to allow for road improvements.

6.3 Tree Trimming

A. Trees that remain in the ROW/easements will be trimmed back.

B. Property owners wishing to trim their own trees along the frontage of their property may do so with the following stipulations:

  1. Trimming must be completed in no less than three days from notification and must meet Denton County specifications.
  2. Trees that are not trimmed to specifications and in the time allotted, will be trimmed by Denton County.