Policy V

Posting Speed Limits & Weight Limits

5.1 A public hearing is necessary for the posting of all regulatory road signs, i.e. speed limits and weight limits.

5.2 Advisory signs, such as curve signs and children playing signs, do not require a public hearing and shall be posted as needed by the Ex Officio Road Commissioner in accordance with the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

5.3 Roads are categorized as follows:

CategoryDesignation M.T.P.Suggested Speed Limit
Dead End Local Subdivision RoadsN/A30 M.P.H*
Local Subdivision RoadsRR 230 M.P.H.*
Collector/PavedRC 245 M.P.H.
Collector/UnpavedRC 235 M.P.H.
Arterial/PavedRA 250 M.P.H.
Arterial/UnpavedRA 245 M.P.H.

* A speed limit lower than 30 M.P.H. must be set by Commissioners Court Order after a public hearing and supported by an engineering and traffic investigation.

5.4 Weight limits on all county roads shall not exceed 25 tons (50,000 pounds Gross Weight).

5.5 Where there is a load posted bridge (BRINSAP) on a dead end road, the road limit shall not exceed the bridge load limit.