Medical Care & Medication

Parents and guardians are responsible for communicating any and all health care needs of their child to the Health Services Coordinator and intake staff. This communication includes current medical diagnoses, allergic reactions to any medication, or other allergies their child may have.

Parents or guardians retain responsibility for their child’s medical care while in the facility. Parents or guardians are expected to work closely with the Health Services Coordinator on their child’s medical needs and any hospital care.

Prescriptions / Over-the-Counter Medication

Each child’s prescription medication must be delivered to the facility by the parents or guardians in the original containers with standard prescription labels. Medication must be delivered so as not to allow dosage times to lapse. Over-the-counter medications must also have a physician’s written order.

Medications are disbursed by or under the supervision of the juvenile health services staff. Each child’s medication must be refilled and delivered by a parent or guardian in a timely manner. All unused medications will be returned to the parents when the child is released from the facility.

Emergency / Advanced Care

When medical staff determines a situation requires more advanced evaluation or care, the child will be transported to the Denton Regional Hospital Emergency Room or another appropriate medical facility. Should this become necessary, staff will notify the parents to meet the child and transport officer as soon as possible at the designated medical facility.