Juvenile Post Adjudication

Denton County Courage to Change Program

The Denton County Courage to Change Program (CTC) is a long-term (six to twelve months) residential placement facility for adjudicated juveniles.


The program is carefully structured to meet the needs of juveniles by providing:

  • After-care
  • Community resources
  • Counseling
  • Educational services
  • Physical education
  • Secure housing

The program is designed to work with residents to achieve success by helping them discover their strengths. Upon completion of the program, the residents return to their communities with a decreased likelihood of re-offending.


The Post-Adjudication Facility includes:

  • 32 secure individual rooms with the ability to authorize more rooms if the need arises. The rooms include separate sections for boys and girls.
  • Classrooms
  • Counseling areas
  • A day area configured for each section
  • Indoor and Outdoor recreation areas
  • An indoor gym and cafeteria
  • A library