Traffic Offenses

  1. Driving Safety Course
  2. Deferred Disposition


  • Any moving violation (not for “paperwork offenses” such as inspection/registration or defective equipment)
  • Commercial Driver’s License Holders are not eligible
  • Must not be taking Driving Safety Course for another offense
  • Must not have taken Driving Safety Course in past year to dispose of another offense
  • Must request before appearance day or will require judge’s approval
  • Requires plea of “No Contest” or “Guilty”
  • Valid Texas Auto Liability Insurance.
  • Valid Texas Driver’s License

Offenses Excluded

  • Failure to Stop and Render Aid
  • Failure to Stop at Accident: Damage
  • Offenses in construction zones when workers are present
  • Passing a School Bus
  • Speeding 25 miles or more over the speed limit

Length of Probation

  • 90 Days (Three months)

Costs up Front

  • Call for amount

Extra Expenses

  • $12 to Department of Public Safety
  • $25 to $100 for certified driver safety course

Conditions of Probation

  1. No moving violations during period of probation
  2. Obtain Driving Record from Department of Public Safety
  3. Take driving safety course that is approved by Texas Education Agency (TEA)
  4. Provide court with Driving Record and certificate of course completion before end of probation

Penalty for Non - Compliance

  1. Conviction
  2. Payment of Additional Fine
  3. Offense reported to Department of Public Safety
  4. Potential warrant for arrest if fine remains unpaid

View and Pay Cases Online

To inquire on traffic offenses email the court at the link below:
Email Justice of the Peace Precinct 2