Justice Court Help

The Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits a Judge or court staff from "practicing law" (giving legal advice). The Code further prohibits the Justice of the Peace from engaging in communications concerning the merits of a pending judicial proceeding, or the merits of an impending claim or dispute.

The Court and staff can, however, communicate concerning:

  • Uncontested administrative matters
  • Uncontested procedural matters
  • Magistrate duties and functions

Specific Cases

The following questions are intended to be basic, procedural and informational, and is not offered as legal advice. The information is not exhaustive. There may be other remedies and procedures not listed below. You should seek professional, licensed, legal counsel for advice.


The Court and its staff cannot negotiate a settlement for you. Some disputes – like those between relatives and neighbors – are best handled by an agreement reached through mediation as an alternative to litigation. Some mediators work for profit, and others operate as non-profit agencies. Some mediators are licensed attorneys, others are not. Mediation is private, faster (and often less expensive) than the court system, deals with both feelings and issues, helps restore peace and improve or restore relationships.