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Denton County Emergency Services Department consists of five divisions, managed by two Division Supervisors, two front line Supervisors and two Chief Officers. Emergency Services employs 15 persons and supports 500 or more volunteers. These divisions consist of the: 

  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Marshal Office
  • Fire/EMS
  • Homeland Security
  • Volunteers (Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES))

These are serviced through contracts by 26 different departments serving approximately 150,000 citizens in the unincorporated areas of Denton County.

Denton County Emergency Services Investigator badgeFire Marshal’s Office (FMO)

The Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO) operates in the unincorporated areas of Denton County, and within local municipalities when requested by conducting and coordinating technical investigations into fires/explosives, weapons of mass destruction, hazardous materials incidents, environmental crimes, public nuisance, and other specialized criminal violations. The FMO responds to and supports command of major Fire/EMS emergency response operations in unincorporated areas of the County and municipalities through Inter-local Cooperation Agreements.

Plans review and fire code inspections, to prevent or abate fire hazards, are conducted of new and existing structures including but not limited to commercial, assembly and specialized occupancies. The FMO facilitates a boat patrol program and participates in an investigative capacity for the Denton County Arson Task Force and the North Central Texas Arson Task Force.

Denton County Office of Emergency ManagementDenton County Office of Emergency Management

The Denton County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for the managerial function to coordinate efforts that build, sustain and improve Denton County’s capacity to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster. Currently, a total of 44 jurisdictions are located within Denton County and of the 44 jurisdictions in Denton County, 17 cities, as well as the unincorporated areas, are covered by the Denton County Emergency Management Plan.

The Denton County Office of Emergency Management works with the 17 cities and the unincorporated portions of the county to provide all four phases of Emergency Management. The first two phases, mitigation and preparedness, include working to mitigate or reduce the impacts of disasters. Preparedness actions such as providing our partners and residents with planning and training which provides the knowledge and skills for making safe decisions when disaster strikes.

The third emergency management phase, response, includes managing incidents and the actions necessary to save lives and prevent further damage to property. Denton County Office Emergency Management assists jurisdictions and unincorporated areas with the fourth phase, recovery, by working with local, state, and federal agencies to coordinate resources to return the community to a normal, safer condition as quickly as possible. Additionally, the Denton County Office of Emergency Management manages grant funds provided.