Justice of the Peace Precinct 3

Public Notice

As Denton County offices begin to re-open, Texas Justice Courts are still under Supreme Court order to only hear essential needs cases until June 1st (unless extended by the Supreme Court). Essential needs cases include: Writs of Re-Entry, Writs of Restoration, Repair and Remedy cases and Emergency Detention Hearings.

Due to this limited scope and to protect the health and safety of court staff and the public, the Denton County Justices of the Peace offices will be available by appointment only through May 29th. All civil cases can be filed electronically using E-File Texas to file your own petition or Texas Guide and File to create and file your petition online. Criminal cases can also be handled electronically (unless the defendant is 16 years old or younger).

Contact the respective court if you need information to take care of your citation, need to schedule an appointment to file an essential needs case or have any other questions.


We are now accepting Credit Cards / Debit Cards for all transactions. There will be a 2.75% transaction fee.