Involuntary Mental Health Commitments

If you are looking for emergency services for your loved one who may not be willing to seek treatment voluntarily, please contact 911 and request a Mental Health Evaluation to let them know your loved one is in a mental health crisis. If you are going to be taking your loved one to Psych Triage yourself, please look for Medical Building 5 as the signage is small and can be difficult to see.

The Denton County Mental Health Court - a division of the Statutory Denton County Probate Court - handles all involuntary mental health commitments for residents of Denton County. All commitments done by this court are placed at The North Texas State Hospital, Wichita Falls Campus. Family members may pursue placement at a private facility. However, a bed letter from that facility must be submitted to the Court prior to any hearing for the patient to be ordered to a private facility.


All applications must be emailed to the Denton County District Attorney’s Office. The application process begins with the application packet. This packet consists of:

  1. Filing Instructions (PDF) on how to fill out the revised forms
  2. Application for Mental Health Services (PDF)
  3. Certificate of Medical Examination (PDF)
  4. Affidavit of Indigence (PDF) (if needed)

All forms submitted to the District Attorney’s Office must be legible.

Filing Instructions

The first part of the Application Packet are the Filing Instructions (PDF) on how to fill out the second and third portion of the Application packet.

Application for Mental Health Services

The second portion of the packet is the Application for Mental Health Services (PDF). This must be filled out in as much detail as possible. The more information given, the more likely the application will be approved. There are two pages that must be notarized.

Certificate of Medical Examination

The third portion of the packet is the Certificate of Medical Examination (PDF). This must be completed by a physician no later than three days before the Application is submitted to the court. Without the Certificate of Medical Examination the application will be denied.

Affidavit of Indigence

The final part of the application packet is the Affidavit of Indigence (PDF). There is a $250 filing fee associated with all Mental Health cases. If the proposed patient is an adult and cannot afford the fees, this affidavit may be filled out, notarized and submitted to the court before a ruling is made on the Application. If granted, all fees are waived.