Pre-Trial Diversion Program

The Denton County Criminal District Attorney’s Office has a diversionary program for low-risk, first-time offenders called Pre-Trial Diversion (PTD). 


To be eligible, the defendant must be a true first offender meaning they cannot have had PTD, deferred adjudication, nor any other type of disposition as an adult offender. The District Attorney’s office screens the eligible cases and if approved, the defendant will sign a contract with the District Attorney’s office with terms and conditions of their PTD agreement. This removes the case from the court’s docket.

If the defendant completes all the terms and conditions of the PTD agreement, their case will be dismissed and eligible for expunction. If they violate the agreement, then their case is sent back to the Court’s docket for disposition.

Typical Cases

Typically non-violent misdemeanors and low level felony cases are considered for PTD such as Possession of Marijuana, Theft, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespass and Evading Arrests.