Investigations Division

Investigations Division is made up of Texas Peace Officers who are responsible for law enforcement activities in support of criminal cases being prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office.


Duties may include:

Investigators also perform traditional law-enforcement activities including original investigation of offenses at the direction of the District Attorney, arrests of suspects, interview and interrogation of witnesses, and participation in various County, State and Federal Task Forces targeting offenders.


There are 23 Criminal Investigators employed by the District Attorney’s Office (see our assigned personnel). They are assigned a wide variety of duties, including casework in a number of specialized areas of criminal law.

Employment Requirements

The minimum requirement to be an Investigator with this office is to be currently certified as a Regular Peace Officer by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). A wide background in police work with strong emphasis on investigations, certification at the "Advanced" or "Master" peace officer level, and college is strongly preferred. An investigator position in this office is not an "entry level" position in Law Enforcement.

  1. Sarah Blunk

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2664

  1. Tom Bolding

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2702

  1. Rodney Bolin

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2689

  1. William Cruce

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2643

  1. Richard Duggan

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2663

  1. Joe Erwin

    Assistant Chief Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2618

  1. Casey Finke

    Investigative Supervisor
    Phone: 940-349-2666

  1. Beth Gray

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2655

  1. Scott Hayney

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2665

  1. Kevin Keim

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2653

  1. Donnie Leach

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2660

  1. Mario Merendon

    Computer Forensic Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2670

  1. Mark Michniacki

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2679

  1. Paul Nathan

    Investigative Supervisor
    Phone: 940-349-2684

  1. Roy Rhodes

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2683

  1. Andi Sheeder

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2766

  1. Mike Sparby

    Chief Investigator/Director, Hot Checks Section
    Phone: 940-349-2705

  1. Greg Stern

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2742

  1. Jon Stovall

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2714

  1. Heather Styne-Burns

    Criminal Investigator
    Phone: 940-349-2710

  1. Jeff Wiginton

    Investigative Supervisor
    Phone: 940-349-2641

  1. Brian Wolfe

    Financial Crimes Investigator
    Phone: (940) 349-2725