Retirement Benefits

County Retirement Plan

Denton County is a member of the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS). Under TCDRS, employees are subject to a mandatory deduction of 7% of total earnings and matched by the County on a 2.25 to 1 ratio.

There is an eight year vesting schedule, which includes:

  • Service Retirement at age 60 with at least eight years credited service and
  • Non-Service connected disability retirement with eight years of service if certified as disabled and
  • The rule of 75 which allows employees to take early retirement once the combination of their age and years of service equals 75
  • Employees with 20 years of service can retire at any age

For more information, visit the Texas County and District Retirement System website.

Deferred Compensation 457 (Optional Retirement) Plan

In addition to the TCDRS Retirement Plan, Denton County also offers an optional Deferred Compensation 457 (Optional Retirement) Plan.

457 Plans offer a number of features and benefits to help employees achieve their financial goals and supplement their retirement. Participants in the program enjoy the convenience of payroll deduction, realize a tax deferral each pay period, and accumulate tax-deferred growth on deposits.