Civil Division

In addition to the prosecution of criminal offenses the Criminal District Attorney’s Office also has a Civil Division that serves as the legal counsel to Denton County.


The Civil Division advises the Denton County Commissioners Court, elected officials and department heads on legal issues and represents the County and its representatives in Federal and State court.

  1. Lakesha Bell

    Senior Paralegal
    Phone: 940-349-2753

  1. Kristen Edwards

    Senior Paralegal
    Phone: 940-349-2758

  1. John Feldt

    Chief of Civil Division
    Phone: 940-349-2759

  1. Sheena Molsbee

    Civil Attorney II
    Phone: 940-349-2760

  1. Linda Puckett

    Civil Attorney II
    Phone: 940-349-2678

  1. Moira Schilke

    Civil Attorney I
    Phone: 940-349-2711

  1. Matt Shovlin

    Civil Attorney II
    Phone: 940-349-2717

  1. Mary Miller

    Counsel to the Sheriff

  1. Kayla Roddy

    Administrative Specialist II
    Phone: 940-349-2712

  1. Heather Walker

    Senior Paralegal
    Phone: 940-349-2390

  1. Nancy West

    Senior Paralegal
    Phone: 940-349-2757

  1. Claire Yancey

    Civil Attorney II
    Phone: 940-349-2755