Child Abuse Prosecution Unit


The Denton County Criminal District Attorney’s Office has a deep commitment to the protection of the most vulnerable and helpless of our citizens. Physical and sexual abuse of children cuts across all strata of our society, and affects us all. We believe that child abuse is more than simply another criminal justice issue.

The complexity of the cases and overriding need to consider the welfare of the child first makes dealing with these cases a specialized job which requires diligence, patience, and talent. As a result, the Child Abuse Prosecution Unit was established.


This specialized unit, comprised of three prosecutors, an investigator, and a child intervention specialist, are extensively trained in the child abuse field and only prosecute child abuse cases.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Additionally, this unit is a part of and works closely with a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) dedicated to the prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of child abuse. The MDT is composed of law enforcement, child protective services, medical health professionals, and mental health professionals. The goal of the MDT is for the child to only have to tell their story once, therefore lessening the trauma of the investigation.

The Children’s Advocacy Center For Denton County (CACDC) is where the MDT gathers to see that justice is done. Please visit the Children’s Advocacy Center For Denton County or call them at 972-317-2818 for further information.

  1. Beverly Bailey

    Victim Intervention Specialist

  1. Ali Horton

    Felony Prosecutor II

  1. Dustin Gossage

    Felony Prosecutor I

  1. Greg Stern


  1. Zachary Watson

    Felony Prosecutor II