Appellate Division

An adjunct of trial work is the appellate review of convictions from the trial courts by the Court of Appeals in Fort Worth and the Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin. 


The Appellate Division attorneys review each conviction that is appealed by reading the trial transcript and statement of facts and the defendant’s brief on the legal issues raised in the trial. The Appellate Division:

  • Maintains the specific time deadlines that are required
  • Presents oral argument to the appellate courts
  • Researches the applicable law
  • Writes appellate briefs that respond to the defendant’s brief

These attorneys also respond to post conviction writs that are filed by defendants as an additional avenue of appeal in seeking to have a conviction overturned. The Division also serves as a resource to the trial attorneys for advice and research on legal issues that may come up in evaluating and trying a case.

  1. Emily Chilivetis

    Appellate Attorney

  1. Rick Daniel

    Chief of Appellate

  1. Kayla Hanes

    Appellate Attorney

  1. Sherri Smith

    Administrative Manager

  1. Lara Tomlin

    Appellate Attorney

  1. Matthew J. Whitten

    Appellate Attorney