Retrospect Newsletters

The Retrospect is the newsletter of the Denton County Historical Commission discussing the organization's news and activities as well as information about historic locations and events in Denton County, Texas.

A message from Gary Hayden, Chair of the Denton County Historical Commission:

Well before December 7th, 1941, my father shipped out on a U.S. freighter to Japan. It dropped anchor in Yokohama where he bought a color photo of Mount Fuji with a garnish of cherry blossoms in the foreground. That peaceful scene contrasted sharply with the cargo in the ship’s hold. American scrap metal. Perhaps, in a sinister twist, some returned to the U.S. via the attack on Pearl Harbor where one of our Denton sailors, William Claude Castleberry, was among the very first American casualties of World War II. He was onboard the battleship USS Arizona. He is still there.

Then in another irony, patriotic Denton County residents were called upon to scrounge around for scrap metal to support the war effort.

Four years of conflict saturated Denton County citizens with a cocktail of emotions and experiences on the home front, the battle front and, for some, both fronts.

This special edition of Retrospect provides a sampler of local life during that strife. We are grateful for these glimpses written by Judy Clements, Leslie Couture, Matthew Davis, Laura Douglas, Judge Andy Eads, Frederick Kamman, Melody Kohout, Annetta Ramsey and Randy Hunt, Dr. Charlotte Shepherd Mooneyham, Chuck Voellinger and editor DJ Taylor.

Gary Hayden
Denton County Historical Commission