Service Fees

The process to be served by either the Denton County Sheriff or Constables is to be paid for in advance of service and may be included with the court costs. We do not accept personal checks. If you are an attorney and you include the service fee with the filing fee check, the service of the process will be delayed for at least 21 days in order for verification your check has cleared the bank.

Process TypeFee
Citations (except for Citations by Certified mail)$75
Citations by Certified Mail$30
Civil Subpoena$75
Deposition Subpoena$75
Distress Warrants ( Plus $50 per officer, per hour after 2 hours)$150
Notice of Show Cause$75
Notice of Trustee’s Sale (posting)$75
Order of Sales ( Plus commission)$150
Posting of Notices$75
Sheriff’s Deed$75
Subpoena Duces Tecum$75
Temporary Protective Order Notice$85
Temporary Restraining Order$125
Writ of Attachment$150
Writ of Execution (Plus commission)$150
Writ of Garnishment$125
Writ of Habeas Corpus$150
Writ of Injunction$150
Writ of Possession (Plus $50 per officer, per hour after 2 hours)$150
Writ of Restitution$150
Writ of Sequestration$150