Miscellaneous Fees

Adoption - Central Adoption Registry Fund (made payable to Bureau of Vital Statistics)$15
Bond Approval$4
Certificate of Adoption$1
Certificate of No Appeal$5
Certification of copies$1
Cost Bill$5
Deliver Order Vacating/Suspending License$5
Foreign Judgment Notice by certified mail (Family)$15
Foreign Judgment Notice by First Class mail (Family)$3
Insufficient Check Fee$30
Jury Fee$40
Records Search$5
Registry Administration Fee (interest-bearing)10% of accrued interest
Registry Administration Fee (non-interest bearing)
Not applicable to family law cases
5%, not to exceed $50
Services for which no fee is otherwise providedReasonable Fee
Witness Fee (attached to a subpoena)$10

Please note all credit transactions are subject to a credit card processing fee of 2.75% (rate) with a minimum of $1 fee per transaction. Credit card processing provided by a third party vendor.