Issuance Fees

Abstract of Judgment$8
Citation (all types but certified mail)$8
Citation (plus service fee for Certified Mail)$38
Citation for Foreclosure by certified mail and first-class mail$46
Commission for Deposition$8
Expunction Notice Delivery$5
Expunction Order Delivery$6
Judicial Writ of Withholding$15
Letter Rogatory$8
Notice of Order Withholding$15
Notice Regarding Fraudulent Lien - If done by certified mailCost of postage
Order of Sale$8
Scire Facias$8
Show Cause Notice$8
Temporary Restraining Order$8
Writ of Attachment$8
Writ of Execution$8
Writ of Garnishment$8
Writ of Injunction$8
Writ of Prohibition$8
Writ of Sequestration$8
Writ of Venditioni Exponas$8

Service Through the Secretary of State or Commissioner of Insurance

Please provide two copies of the pleading to be served. If done by certified mail provide a check payable to the Secretary of State or Commissioner of Insurance in the amount of $55 must be enclosed with the service. If done by Travis County provide the citation that will be issued and returned to you for forwarding to the Travis County Sheriff or Constable.