Civil Original Suit

Appellate Fee$5
Clerk Fee (1 to 10 plaintiffs)
  • 11 to 25 plaintiffs is $75
  • 26 to 100 plaintiffs is $100
  • 101 to 500 plaintiffs is $125
  • 501 to 1000 plaintiffs is $150
  • 1001 or more plaintiffs is $200
Consolidated Fee Civil$50
Court Records Preservation Fee$10
District Clerk’s Records Management Fee$5
E-Filing Fee$30
Indigent Legal Services Fee$10
Judicial and Court Personnel Training$5
Judicial Service Fee$42
Law Library Fee$35
Mediation Fee$10
Records Preservation$5
Security Fee$5
Stenographer Fee$15
Total Base Filing Fee$277

Additional Fees

Accounts, contracts, notes$277
Application for Writ of Garnishment - Pre- Judgment and Post-judgment (new case number, same court)$277
Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus (pre-indictment)$0
Bill of Review (new case number, the same court as original final order)$277
Bond Forfeiture (Judgment Nisi) - base fee$281
Case transferred to Denton County - Payable by the plaintiff - base fee$277
Condemnation - filed by State (excludes Consolidated Fee Civil)$267
Declaratory Judgment$277
  • Base fee
  • For each final order mailed
  • For each notice/petition mailed
  • $277
  • $6
  • $5
Fraudulent Lien Suit Civil Practice and Remedies Code12.005$15
Fraudulent Lien, Claim or Court Record Action$0
Occupational Driver’s License - base fee$277
Partition Suit$277
Petition for Non-Disclosure - the base fee plus $28$305
Register Foreign Judgment/Order - base fee$277
Seizure and Forfeiture Cases - base fee$277
Severed Action - payable by Movant - base fee$277
Tax Suits (excludes Steno, Law library, and Mediation fees from base fee amount)$212
Worker’s Compensation$277
Any other civil case not listed